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Following the long-awaited return of the possibility of in-person gatherings, we are delighted to announce details of Jupiter’s 2021 “Meet the Managers” roadshow, which will be visiting towns and cities across the UK over the course of the autumn. We very much hope you will be able to join us, to engage with and hear the latest views from a number of our leading fund managers, covering a range of key asset classes. At each two-hour, CPD-accredited session, our investment experts will shed light on the myriad opportunities for active managers, as well as the main risks, that have resulted from the extraordinary market and economic conditions created by the pandemic.

Speakers and Topics

Gold & Silver team

Ned Naylor-Leyland

Head of Strategy, Gold & Silver

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Gold & Silver team topic:

Monetary metals: gold and silver are not just for pandemics
Ned Naylor-Leyland, Jupiter’s Head of Strategy, Gold and Silver, will examine the role that monetary metals can play at a time when inflation appears to be on the rise, governments and central banks are spending heavily, and the global financial system is under even greater stress than it may appear. Ned will also explain why an actively managed approach to investing in gold and silver – blending exposure to gold and silver bullion and mining company shares – can offer a number of advantages as market conditions evolve.

UK Small & Mid Cap team

Tim Service

Fund Manager, UK Small & Mid Cap

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Daniel Nickols

Head of Strategy, UK Small & Mid Cap

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Richard Watts

Co-head of Strategy, UK Small & Mid Cap

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UK Small & Mid Cap team topic:

UK Small & Mid Cap equities: a world of opportunity
UK Small & Mid Cap equities offer access to a surprisingly rich and diverse range of companies, from global leaders in their sectors to technology disruptors and domestic specialists. Many of these companies have benefited from the rebounding economy, while investor sentiment has been supported by a pickup in M&A and IPO activity. Please join the award-winning Jupiter UK Small- and Mid-Cap team, Dan Nickols, Richard Watts and Tim Service, as they discuss how this ever-changing universe offers excellent opportunities for alpha generation and exposure to genuinely fast-growing businesses.

Fixed Income team

Harry Richards

Fund Manager, Fixed Income

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Adam Darling

Fund Manager, Fixed Income

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Ariel Bezalel

Head of Strategy, Fixed Income

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Fixed Income team topic:

Fixed Income: Inflation inflection?
Deflation has had the upper hand in the debate over the last 20 (or more) years, but in the post-Covid era the battle has become somewhat more divisive. Representatives from the Jupiter Fixed Income team, including Ariel Bezalel, Adam Darling and Harry Richards will discuss their latest thoughts on this hot topic, and the implications for markets.

European team

Mark Heslop

Fund Manager, European Growth

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Mark Nichols

Fund Manager, European Growth

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Phil MaCartney

Fund Manager, European Equities

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Sohil Chotai

Fund Manager, European Growth

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European team topic:

European equities: high quality with high conviction
The Jupiter European Growth team, Mark Nichols, Mark Heslop, Phil Macartney and Sohil Chotai, will explain their approach as high-conviction equity investors seeking world-leading, high-quality European companies benefitting from growth opportunities. They will discuss how ESG is integral to their process, and how they aim to build concentrated portfolios of exceptional companies with sustainable competitive advantages that can generate excess returns and even withstand challenges such as a global pandemic.


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